Mahasarakam University of separate units by the year BE 2539. By virtue of section 4 and section 7, paragraph two of the University Act,BE 2537. Minister of University Affairs has announced the allocation of units in the Office of the President is four agencies including.


  • 1.Division of General Affairs
  • 2.Division of Student Affairs
  • 3.Division of Student Admissions
  • 4.Division of Planing

    Later, at a meeting of the University Council Meeting No. 2/2543. On February 17, 2543 resolved to establish. "Division of Finance and Facilities". The administration has streamlined and more efficient. It is divided within groups into two groups.


  • 1. Accounting Groups
  • 2. Procurement

    Later in the year BE 2553, the University has announced. The new agency By cancellation The original announcement of the Division of Finance and Facilities. And the Division of Finance and Facilities There is a group within 4 Groups and 1 unit thus


  • 1.Group of Finance and Budget Management
  • 2.Group of Provide income and Benefits
  • 3.Group of Procurement Management
  • 4.Group of Accounting

    Current Finance and Finance Division a work group 7 groups (Starting in 2556).


  • 1.Group of General Administration
  • 2.Group of Financial
  • 3.Group of Pay Finance
  • 4.Group of Budget Management
  • 5.Group of Provide income and Benefits
  • 6.Group of Procurement Management
  • 7.Group of Accounting